List of Chapters and Contributors

Chapter 1: A Panorama of Future Interdependent Networks: From Intelligent Infrastructures to Smart Cities

Chapter 2: Calling for a Next Generation Sustainability Framework at MIT

  • Julie Newman, Director of Sustainability at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chapter 3: Towards A Smart City of Interdependent Critical Infrastructure Networks

Chapter 4: Interdependent Interaction of Occupational Burnout and Organizational Commitments: Case Study of Academic Institutions Located in Guangxi Province, China

Chapter 5: High Performance and Scalable Graph Computation on GPUs

Chapter 6: Security Challenges of Networked Control Systems

Chapter 7: Detecting Community Structure in Dynamic Social Networks Using the Concept of Leadership

Chapter 8: Barriers towards Widespread Adoption of V2G Technology in Smart Grid Environment: From Labs to Commercialization

Chapter 9: Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Optimization Using Bio-inspired Computational Intelligence Methods

Chapter 10: Coordinated Management of Residential Loads in Large Scale Systems

Chapter 11: Estimation of Large-scale Solar Rooftop PV Potential for Smart Grid Integration: A Methodological Review

Chapter 12: Optimal SVC Allocation in Power Systems For Loss Minimization and Voltage Deviation Reduction

Chapter 13: Decentralized Control of DR using a Multi-Agent Method

Chapter 14: Complex distribution networks: Case Study Galapagos Islands